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Acronis True Image for Servers MORE THAN JUST BACKUP

For many business owners it comes as a somewhat unpleasant surprise to discover that backup alone may not be enough. Backup strategies are usually focussed on making sure that your data is safe and that files can be recovered. A more farsighted approach to back up will also ensure that the configuration of your server, all applications, user accounts and so on are also backed up. This is all well and good but you may still be looking at 24 to 48 hours recovery time in the event that your server experiences significant hardware failure. The problem is that there is a big difference between having a full back up of a server and having a working server.


Acronis True Image 9.1 for Windows Servers addresses this precise problem. By maintaining an up-to-date snapshot of your server disks and all their contents True Image allows a bare metal restore of your entire system within two or three hours - even to different hardware.


In practical terms this means that in a serious emergency in which your server is lost Lynx can, with the help of Acronis recover everything, including user accounts, security settings, application settings and data to any spare hardware - even a PC. We can have you fully back up and running within a few hours. This is simply impossible with any other approach to backup.

With True Image we don't just provide our clients with backup we provide them with a fully tested, verifiable disaster recovery strategy.

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