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The final piece in the jigsaw of a secure, reliable and recoverable business network is power protection. Power supplies are never absolutely reliable. All businesses experience occasional power cuts and power surges are a frequent occurrence. Even buildings with clean power lines often have points of vulnerability such as a modem for bank access. The modem can provide a point of entry for a power surge derived for example for a lightning strike on the telephone system. This surge can be instantly transmitted throughout your network across the data cables.

Workstation Protection DANGER

Power failures and power surges can damage your computer equipment -most PC failures we encounter are a direct result of power problems. Perhaps even more important, power problems can corrupt your data. The greatest risk occurs when a power surge or failure coincides with a disk write operation on the server. We are regularly called in to new clients to recover corrupted data from an unprotected server that has failed to restart after a power cut.


APC are the established market leader in products designed to protect your servers, PCs and network from the dangers caused by power failures and surges. Under desk workstation protection, coupled with Uninterruptible Power Supplies on the server and surge blocking on the data cables provide a fully comprehensive solution. Using APC products, at Lynx we can monitor the condition of your power supply and respond to anomalies. We can also stop and start your servers, switches, routers and network equipment as required ensuring the smooth operation of your network.

Often overlooked we believe that power protection from APC is critical to the good health of your IT system. You can visit the APC website here.

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