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Multi award winning AVAST anti-virus protection from Alwil software has proved to provide the perfect combination of comprehensive protection with a light footprint. One of the problems we find with other anti-virus software is reduced performance on the protected servers and PCs. This happens because the software itself has become more and more demanding.


AVAST works perfectly for our clients. As a rule we use the AVAST Small Business Server (SBS) Suite together with the AVAST Distributed Network Manager (ADNM) allowing all aspects of the anti-virus solution to be controlled centrally from the server. We can remotely monitor and maintain the licence and update status of every PC and server on your network. Automatic alerts are generated and sent to our help desk whenever a problem is encountered. And, all of this is achieved with next to no impact on the performance of your systems.


AVAST provides a free fully functional edition of its software for home use only which can be downloaded here. All versions are also available for download in 60 day trial editions from the AVAST website.

Lynx Computing is very pleased to recommend and supply all editions of AVAST anti-virus software. Visit the AVAST website here.

AVAST anti-virus website

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