A Lynx Computing Public Service Announcement! BROADBAND ESSENTIAL FOR BUSINESS

We are delighted to be associated with Zen Internet Limited as a Bronze Partner and have absolute confidence in their products and services. We believe that Zen are the very best in the field. It is important, however, that we point out that Lynx Computing is not an Internet Service Provider. We do not supply broadband. We partner with the best in the business and, with help from Zen, will trouble-shoot and try to resolve broadband problems affecting any of our clients. Ultimately, however, we have to make it very clear that we do not provide the service. Both ourselves and our clients depend on broadband and we will always get you the best possible service we can. In the end though, if, for example, there is a problem at the exchange we all have to sit on our hands while we wait for BT or another company to solve the problem.


Please ask our advice when choosing a broadband service and we will aim to help you get the service you need. Bear in mind that not so very long ago a permanent connection to the Internet cost about £2,000 per month. These days you can pay as little as £20 a month - to achieve cost reductions of this order something had to suffer. Depending on the precise degree of reliability you require you should not expect to pay less than £50 a month for a reliable office connection. Where connectivity is critical and downtime absolutely must be avoided you may have to pay several hundred pounds a month.


There are many different solutions to connectivity requirements but it really is true that you will get what you pay for. We will be only too happy to help you choose the right broadband package so please do ask.

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