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Without underlying properly installed and tested data cabling even the most perfectly configured network is not going to deliver the performance you need. Even having seen many examples it continues to surprise us how often we encounter poor cabling and badly organised network layouts. The effect of damaged or incorrectly installed cabling cannot be overstated. The same is true where switches, hubs and routers have been incorrectly or thoughtlessly located on the network. Poorly cabled networks run two or three times more slowly and sometimes they don't run at all.


Lynx Computing has worked closely with DataCat on many of our clients' networks. By making sure the cabling is rock solid we are always able to home in on, identify and repair any real network problems related to the system configuration. Without trustworthy cabling both performance and trouble-shooting can be painfully slow.


Working with DataCat we can offer our clients a cast iron, life-time guaranteed cable installation service covering both copper and fibre as well as radio, infrared and laser building-to-building links. No matter how complicated the cabling job or how impossible the requirement to get a connection from one point to another we have always been able to rely on DataCat to get us there.

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