While online, off-site back up appeals to many of our clients, primarily because it is completely automated, the downside is that if everything is backed up it can become very expensive as you will generally pay per megabyte backup. Large volumes of data can also exceed the capacity of your broadband connection making an online backup impractical. In our opinion online backup is an excellent way to ensure the security and recoverability of relatively small volumes of data. But, online backup is not a disaster recovery strategy. If you want to back up your entire server, in a form that you can take off-site on tape or disk, Backup Exec 11d for Small Business Server is the cost-effective solution.


Symantec's Backup Exec is simply the best dedicated backup system. It is usually used to backup to a built in tape drive but can also be used to back up to fixed or removable hard drive or to a network attached storage (NAS) device. We also recommend tape based Backup Exec for scenarios where the volume of data involved is just too much to make use of online services - such as, architectural, graphic design or engineering practices.

Symantec Silver Partner MS EXCHANGE RECOVERY

Backup Exec is the only system we recommend for a comprehensive backup of your MS Exchange system. Unlike any other approach, with Backup Exec we can recover individual mail boxes, folders and even a single email. If your business has ever been through an Exchange recovery you will appreciate the huge leap forward that this involves. Other types of Exchange backup can result in extended down time or extensive and expensive work when a recovery is required. It is also worth bearing in mind that in a genuine disaster recovery situation, where you have lost your server, only a full physical back up on accessible media is going to help. A fully comprehensive backup and recovery strategy will always include Backup Exec.

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